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If you’ve been following our page, or our blog, we apologise for the half a year downtime that we’ve experienced. The server that this website was hosted on was hacked a few times, and we have finally managed to get it rehosted. However, we’ve lost the xml files, so we cannot retrieve the old posts… which is pretty sad.

In case you’re wondering what we are up to, we are currently having discussions in our admin skype group on how best to run FSL#3 (Female DOTA 2 SEA League, Season 3).
We are aware of the feedback that the viewers have for us, and we are striving to make Season 3 as smooth to both competitors and viewers as humanly possible.

Do bear with us while we work through the details! We will announce everything in due time.

Meanwhile, we will also try to rebuild the website to it’s former state, or better. =)

Lastly, thank you for your continued support!

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  1. hello, Iam a girl who play dota 2 recently, Iam still new and can’t find people to play with since everyone tells me that Iam weak.

  2. Hey there,
    I wanna join a competitive dota 2 team, im playing for almost 3 years mostly support and offlaner but i can handle other roles, EU servers :d.

  3. Hi my name is Marian, im a female-nurse dota player, you can invite me to ur team thanks. 🙂 just notify me. God bless

  4. Hi all; can I join your team as well? I’m indonesian and been playing for a year or so, would love to play together 🙂 And I tried sweetlilac123 but didn’t found anything, could anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hello there !
    This is Hishiko 18 from Malaysia
    I have just joined the dota community 1 year ago and looking forward to play in competitive scenes with a decent team ! I normally play dota whole day and i’m a solo player.
    I can play mid, carry and supporting roles 😀

  6. I’m looking for a Female dota team . I usually play support and i’m located in Singapore . I can play every night around 10pm onwards .

  7. hi, i am a female dota 2 gamer and am really looking to join a team of female dota 2 players. i usually play as team support and would my skills to be shown to others. can you recommend a team for me? 🙂

    • Hello, could you give us some background on your geographical location and committments, as well as your aims? We can put up a post on our facebook page for you.

      • hi, i am currently located in the philippines(SEA server). have played dota for 7 years now. also, i usually play as support, semi carry/semi support, and hard carry. I dont have a team yet and am very interested in having my first ever all-female team. 🙂 I am currently working but am committed to have trainings after work and during weekends. I aim to help out my learnings to others and also listen to what others can coach me. I definitely am determined to win in this tournament. Let me know if you need more details about me.

          • Hi anne, pls add me on steam: sweetlilac123, my ingame name is ctg.moonfang. so we can play together and see how it goes. please let me know what your steam acct name is and dotabuff profile id so i can check too.

        • Hi, Carmela, saw your post at FB page. My name is Lyfe, 21, Malaysia, a Pub wanderer moving around the SEA server for 2 years already. 7 years of Dota2, I think you have the experience to go semi-pro 😀

          I would like to join you but I’m still an active student, living in hostel w/ a super noob internet connection. I’m playin the same role as yours lol. I’ve left my contacts, hope we can chat more about this.

        • Hi carmela. I wanna join your team. I’m quite good at mid lane coz it’s my role. I am from phil 16y.o . Its not my first time to join female leagues . so just reply to this post if you’re interesting =))

          • Hi carmela, I also want to join your team 🙂 I live in the philippines and want to have a team, thanks

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