FSL #5 – Registration and Rules

Starts : 6th Oct 2017

Registration : 9th September 2017- 1st October 2017

As always, before proceeding past this paragraph

Do note that the time frame, format and duration of the competition are currently subject to change, depending on a variety of factors, including, how many teams register, whether DOTA 2 in game tickets are approved etc.
We will also be updating the processes described below as questions come in.

Tournament format :

Up to 32 teams, double round robin league (all teams will play every other registered team in a BO2 series) into Single Elimination BO3 playoffs for the top 4 teams (including 3rd place match).

  • 2 sets per week to be played
  • 16 weeks for round robin , 1 week for playoffs


It is compulsory to join the Discord channel as it is the main communications platform for tournament. Fsl_Season_5. Join here -> https://discord.gg/MXbEBk4

  • To be verified as an FSL Caster, Admin, Captain/Manager, Participant, please message one of the IMBA ADMINS (in blue) or FSL HEAD ADMIN (dark red) , and your role will be updated accordingly. Once your role has been updated, you should be able to chat as well as read messages in the channel.

This year, PH girls will not need to go to LAN shops to play. Instead we would be using a different verification method. We will require government-issued ID or Birth-Certificate if your team makes the playoffs. If your ID does not match your gender, please email rushan@battlefy.com to arrange for an alternative verification process. All emails will be kept strictly confidential and deleted at the end of the tournament.


Register an account on www.battlefy.com

Captains to go to “Profile” -> “teams” -> “+ new team” to create a new team and then invite your other team members into the team.

After creating the team you can register by clicking this link -> https://battlefy.com/sound-blaster-x/2017-female-dota-2-league-sea/59af4043154c680351629188/info

  • Up to 7 members may be registered (5 main and 2 subs). Only 5 members will receive prizes, if the team wins.
  • No Stand-ins allowed, all players must be registered in the team on Battlefy
  • Note that you are not allowed to play for multiple teams



Do read through the Battlefy rules as well as the rules stated below : https://battlefy.com/sound-blaster-x/2017-female-dota-2-league-sea/59af4043154c680351629188/info?infoTab=rules

  1. All times are in SINGAPORE timezone (+8GMT)
  2. Servers will be hosted on the Asia Singapore server in DOTA 2 unless both teams agree to have it on another server
  3. Make sure your Steam account is linked to Battlefy when you first register for the tournament
  4. Lobby passwords will be exchanged on the Discord channel #fsl_season_5 https://discord.gg/MXbEBk4
  5. 30 minutes before the scheduled match time has arrived, your team captain should then click on your team’s matchup in the bracket page
  6. Teams must check in by being in the lobby before the scheduled match time. If a team is not in the lobby 1 minute after the scheduled match time, they will forfeit Game 1. If they are not in the match 60 minutes after it has begun, they will forfeit Game 2 as well.
  7. After joining the team’s matchup in the bracket page , she will be presented with a “Start Match” button, click on that to generate your matchup’s lobby
  8. Go into your Dota 2 game and there should be an invite to a lobby from “battlebot”
  9. Accept this invite to join the lobby. If the invite does not show up, go back to your matchup page and “resend” the invite. If that fails, you will find the server lobby and password for you to manually enter into the game.
  10. Use the Flip Coin feature on the Battlefy Match Page to determine which team will pick side for Game 1. The team that did not pick will pick the side for Game 2.
  11. Once both sides are ready (please verify with the other team by asking “Ready?”), then one player from either team can type “!start” to lock in the tournament and begin the countdown.


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