FSL #4 – Rules and Regulations

Rules maybe subject to change, and will be updated in this post as well as at the Razer Arena tournament registration link 
You may also search for the tournament using the ID number 2832 at https://arena.razerzone.com/tournaments

Please contact the admins at the Discord channel for the password to join the tournament once you have created a team at Razer Arena.

For information on how to join Discord and create a team/ID on Razer Arena, click to read this post .



– Up to 8 members may be registered (5 main and 3 subs)
– Only 5 members will receive prizes, if the team wins
– All registered members have to be female on their birth certificate or on their current national identification documents
– We are working out a verification process via voice call (all asian countries except PH) before or during every game
– For PH teams, we are in discussion to have all matches played at partnered LAN shopsTournament Rules
– All times are in SINGAPORE timezone (+8GMT)
– Servers will be hosted on the Asia Singapore server in DOTA 2 unless both teams agree to have it on another server
– Lobby passwords will be exchanged on the Discord channel “fsl_season_4” and will be accessible at this link https://discord.gg/fhj2D7m

[All members, managers, admins and casters are required to have requested access to the discord channel 2 weeks before the tournament starts.
Failure to do so is NOT a valid excuse for missing the password/contacting opponents/admins]
– Every team will have to play 2 sets of BO2 a week, please communicate via the Discord channel so that admins can keep track
– Teams may not pause for more than an accumulated time of 10mins per game. Teams are responsible for keeping track of the time with their own stop watch, and may insist on continuing play after 10mins of accumulated pause time.
Double Round Robin
[all teams will play every team in a BO2]
– Teams which do not check in on time (30mins before the match starts until 1 minute before match starts) on Razer Arena will automatically forfeit their first game
– Teams which still do not turn up by 1 hr after their match time automatically forfeit their second game
[eg, if match time is 8pm, check in time is from 730pm to 759pm. Failure to check in by 759pm means your team forfeits the first game.
If the team is still absent at 9pm, the team forfeits game 2 as well]
Playoff Rules
[coming soon]

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