FSL #4 – Registration, Rules, Information

As always, before proceeding past this paragraph

Do note that the time frame, format and duration of the competition are currently subject to change, depending on a variety of factors, including, how many teams register, whether DOTA 2 in game tickets are approved etc.
We will also be updating the processes described below as questions come in.

Do excuse the current raw look! We will be updating with artwork and fancy things when we can.


Up to 32 all-female DOTA 2 teams will battle to be crowned the best female team of SEA in a 3 month long league
The format will be a double round robin league (all teams will play every other registered team in a BO2 series) into Single Elimination BO3 playoffs for the top 4 teams
The prizes will be sponsored by a peripheral brand (80% likelihood, we are in discussions right now!)


Season 4 will run from 1 September 2016 until all stages are completed, which will take roughly 3-4 months.
When signing up, please understand that you are committing to a LONG TERM LEAGUE!


This season, we will be using different tournament apps to make every one’s life easier!
Registrations will be done via Razer Arena, and communication will be done over Discord

Registrations will be done via Razer Arena.
Each member must have a registered Razer ID, and it must be linked to your Steam/DOTA 2 account.
The process is pretty straightforward, head over to https://arena.razerzone.com and sign up for an account by following the instructions.
You will be redirected to the Razer ID sign up page, and you will receive a verification email sent to the address that you provided.

Team Captains/Managers will have to:

  1. Add all your team members as friends (This step is not necessary, but it will make your life easier)
  2. Create a team under “MY TEAMS”
  3. Add members via “COMMS FRIENDS”, if you have added your team members as friends. Otherwise, select “ALL PLAYERS”
  4. If you closed the “INVITE FRIEND” pop up before adding your teammates, you can always access it again by going to “MY TEAMS” ->> Click on your team ->> “MEMBERS”.

Once your team is all set up, do register for the tournament at THIS LINK.
Please get the password from an admin in the Discord channel.

We would like all teams to join the Discord channel for easy communication.
(We have decided to use Discord instead of Skype)
Discord can be downloaded at this link for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.
Alternatively, you can access the Discord channel using your browser by simply clicking this link

  1. Download the App for your phone or computer at https://discordapp.com/
  2. Join the Discord Server (the FSL Channel is hosted on the SEA DOTA SCRIM CHANNEL) by clicking this link https://discord.gg/fhj2D7m
  3. Under “TEXT CHANNELS” on the left, you will see a channel entitled “#fsl_season_4”. You will be able to read messages only.
  4. To be verified as an FSL Caster, Admin, Captain/Manager, Participant, please ping one of the IMBA ADMINS (in blue), and your role will be updated accordingly. Once your role has been updated, you should be able to chat as well as read messages in the channel.

If you do not wish to download the program (even though this is highly recommended), you may access it through your browser

  1. Click this link https://discord.gg/fhj2D7m and accept the invite
  2. You should have the option to create an account, and to download the app or not.
  3. You can continue using the browser version, but do remember your account name and password, because we will be verifying that account to give it chat access to the #fsl_season_4″ channel


  1. Register for Razer ID and add all your members as friends
  2. Captains/Managers to create team and sign up for the tournament in Razer Arena
  3. Join the Discord chat room #fsl_season_4
  4. Start playing and preparing for the games!


To all kind volunteers who wish to volunteer to be admins or casters, please do join the Discord channel and ping one of the IMBA ADMINS to let them know!

6 Replies to “FSL #4 – Registration, Rules, Information”

  1. Hi. I’m a girl, but since I play in EU servers, I didn’t try to participate in this tournament. However, I was wondering if it is possible to cast some of the games of this tournament.

    Best regards,

    • we are working on getting partnered LAN shops in PH to help verify the PH teams. This means that Ph teams will have to play all games at LAN.
      We will likely not be implementing this in other regions.
      No matter what measures we put in place, at the end of it all, if someone wants to cheat, that person will likely be able to find a way to do so.
      Hence I would like to urge all teams which are not serious about playing a long term competition in a full female line up to think carefully about participating in this competition.

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