FSL #4 – Playoffs and Final Standings

After all these weeks battling it out, and putting with hiccups in the tournament system, and going through a long learning period, not to mention a pretty grueling tournament format of double round robin, our final standings are out!
The competition still has its last playday to go, and this will be a B03 Single Elimination playoffs
DIA will face FTS, while GG will take on NXA.

Dates and times will be announced shortly!

Huge congratulations to the top 4 seeds in order of merit :

We’d also like to appreciate all the other teams who took part all the way to the end! It’s very challenging and I hope that everyone has learnt something along the way, and hopefully even enjoyed the process.

Here are the full standings :

This league would not have reached this stage without our dedicated marshalls – Woflsbanee, Amoureux, Anyhowplay, Ed[Que sera, sera].

And of course, we would like to thank our prize sponsors Linksys and Sound BlasterX for opening up their hearts and warehouses for us.
Read about what they have provided for us over at these 2 links :

Do also drop Linksys a facebook follow over at https://www.facebook.com/LinksysSG/ , and Creative over at https://www.facebook.com/SoundBlaster/

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