FSL #3 – Rules and Format

Hey everyone – huge thank you to those who signed up for the latest installment of the Female Dota 2 SEA League. We have our largest sign-ups to date, with over 30 teams who signed up – thank you!

This will be this Season’s format:

  • There will be 2 group stages, followed by the play-offs.
    • In the first group stage, teams will be split into 4 groups.
    • Teams will play against each other in a 2-game Round Robin format
    • Each match will have 2 games played
    • Scores will be recorded accordingly
    • The top 2 of each group will then proceed on to the second group stage
  • The top 8 will then play against each other in a 2-game Round Robin format
    • Each match will have 2 games played
    • Scores will be recorded accordingly
  • In the group stages:
    • Each team has to play once on the Dire, and once on the Radiant, per game.
    • Server – Singapore
    • Starting Team – Dire Team
    • Spectators – Allowed
    • Version – Tournament
    • Game Mode – Captain’s Mode
    • Break in-between each game: 5 minutes
  • Once all matches for the second group stage are completed, teams will be split into upper and lower brackets depending on their standings.
  • Teams will then enter the play-offs
    • Each match will be a Bo3 in the play-offs
    • This will be a single elimination
      • If your team fails to win the Bo3, you will be eliminated from the league

Please read the following Rules and Regulations carefully – if you’re unsure and need clarification, kindly approach any of the admins


  • All teams are to join the Skype chat group so that admins can contact everyone easily.
  • For easy in-game communication, please also join the DotA2 channel FSL3.
  • The admins will organise which games are to be played on which day of the week, and all games will start from 8pm +0800hrs GMT, unless otherwise specificed
  • Reschedule of matches is to be done minimum 24 hours in advance or considered as null.
  • Both teams would need to agree and both team captains to contact the admin in charge of your match for confirmation of changes.
  • If there are server problems (i.e. during festive periods like New Bloom, Diretide, or server maintenance etc.) games may be postponed to a later date, if both teams are agreeable.
  • The admin in charge of your match will be your direct contact for that match.
    • No bypassing of any information for your match without their knowledge – i.e. if you need to change timing, you will inform the admin first and confirm with the opposing team’s captain as well.
  • Admin’s word is final. If you are unhappy with the admin’s decision, or would like to dispute it, please bring it up with Zeph or Maya.


  • Only those profiles registered would be allowed to play in the lobby.
  • If you need to change players permanently, please inform the admins, we will accommodate up to:
    • If you have registered 5 or 6 players;  3 members must remain as the original players
    • If you have registered 7 or 8 players; 4 members must remain as the original players
  • Definition of a stand-in player:
  • A stand-in is a player who is not registered with any other team competing in the league, and has also not been registered with the team she is standing in for
  • We have allowed up to 8 registered members per team, hence we would like to discourage the use of stand-ins in this league.
  • All players, including stand-ins are to be FEMALE. Should there be a case where a player is not female, the administration may choose to disqualify the team involved.
  • If you require the use of a stand-in, she cannot be a player of another team that is also registered in FSL.
  • A maximum of 2 stand-ins can be used per team per match, and NO stand-ins will be allowed for the playoffs.
  • All stand-ins must tag up with a “standin.” in front of their nickname during the games that they play at all times.


  • In the previous season, we had a number of issues with punctuality of teams. This has been a serious cause of concern and we will enforce these rules strictly.
  • Teams should be in the lobby 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • 5 minutes grace would be given after scheduled time is past and if any team members are not present by then, the team would forfeit 1 match.
  • They may still play the 2nd game of the series if they arrive within 30 minutes of the agreed-upon match time.
    • For example, games are supposed to start at 8pm. The team which is not fully in the lobby by 8.05PM will be awarded a loss for the first game. By 8.30PM, if the team is still not fully present in the lobby, they will be awarded a second loss, bringing their score for that series 0-2.
  • For teams who are constantly late, warnings will be given. Repeated warnings may lead to disqualification from the league.


  • In the event of disconnections and the player(s) is/are unable to reconnect to the game, the game may be reloaded from the most recent saved file.
  • If a game needs to be re-loaded, players must be in the same player slot as they were previously, and they must play the same hero that they were using previously.
  • In the event of a pause (or pauses), the waiting team has the right to resume after waiting for a total time of 15 minutes.
    • For example, if there is a pause of 5 minutes and then a subsequent pause of 10 minutes, the game may be resumed by the waiting team.
  • The first team to type “GG” to all chat (accidentally or not), even as part of a phrase or sentence will be deemed to have forfeit the game. Fake GGs will not be tolerated.
    • For example, if you call GG, which triggers the countdown timer, but you are winning, the admin will still mark your team as earning a loss.
    • This is due to teams previously abusing this and leading to a lot of annoyance.
    • Moral of the story: Don’t call GG until you are actually victorious. Wise words: Don’t lick your chops before the enemy dies.


  • Teams may withdraw at any point in time during the league.
  • Regardless of whether any of the matches have been played, all the team’s opponents in the entire league will be awarded a walkover win.
  • Teams that withdraw from the tournament will not be removed from the brackets. Instead, admins will add in a “-BYE-” at the back of their team name to show that they are no longer active in the league.


  • The admin in charge of your match will make decisions – if you are unsure, kindly bring the matter up to them as soon as possible.
  • If you are unhappy with, or would like to dispute their decision, kindly bring it up to Zeph or Maya. Zeph will have the final say.
  • We will not tolerate abuse of admins; kindly remember that our admins are people who are volunteering their time to manage your matches. Do respect their time by being punctual.
  • The above rules are subject to change if and/or when necessary – it is your duty to check the rules from time to time.





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