FSL #3 – Group Stage 1 Brackets

You may find the brackets for Group Stage #1 here:

Group A
– FTS Queens
– Shooter Girl.Lunatic Charm
– Fire Vixens
– Xtreme
– Exdeuz Amazons
Team Nubz
– Day Time Only
– Austral Valkyries


Group B
– Miss Panic
– Fierce Assasins
– Sweet Ruthless Stephanies
– Oh My Gaben
– Vicante Ladies
– simi
– SmackDown E-Sports Ladies
– Badburn Sirens


Group C
– Vegetable Fish Fizz
– Know Your Enemy
– Scorpion Gaming Team
– Asterisk*
– femmeXfatale
– nXa-Ladies
– Angels v.2.0
– Girl’s Pride PH


Group D
– Ca’Ladies
– MintAU
– Girls Gaming
– Athena Gaming
– Decoros Fatale
– Team Peppa

4 Replies to “FSL #3 – Group Stage 1 Brackets”

  1. hello admin, how to watch this series? is there a dotaTV? do i need ticket or something to watch? im a fan of this league but i couldnt find the ticket on the store and suddenly its already season 3 -_- i dont know to laugh or cry in this situation.

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