Female NA and EU Dota2 League

About :

At FemaleDota2.com we wanted to provide an avenue for aspiring female gamers to experience a competitive gaming environment, in the hopes that it would ignite a spark that would drive them to take the next step towards professional gaming. We started with the SEA community because of proximity and familiarity, in 2013, and 2017 marks  our 5th season of the Female SEA DOTA 2 League. This year, we are excited to expand to North America as well as Europe together with BlasterX Underground and Battlefy.

Tournament Details :

Starts : 7 – 8th of October for North-America, 14-15th October for Europe.

2 Day tournament , up to 16 teams, 2 group round robin (8 teams per group). Top 4 teams proceed to single elimination BO3 playoffs. Tournament is scheduled to be on a weekends, do keep yourself free from plans for the entire day as the tournament might most likely last the entire day.

  • Day 1 Round robin
  • Day 2 Single Elimination Playoffs

It is compulsory to join the Discord channel as it is the main communications platform for tournament. Discord Channel for NA/EU region -> https://discord.gg/zs9wk2c

  • To be verified as an Participant, please message one of the IMBA ADMINS (in blue), and your role will be updated accordingly. Once your role has been updated, you should be able to chat as well as read messages in the channel.

Individuals looking for a team can approach Desoladies, a large women-focused community in Dota in the NA and EU regions, feel free to apply and join their Discord: https://www.desoladies.com/apply


This tournament is open to women only. We will require government-issued ID if your team makes the playoffs. If you are a trans woman and your ID does not match your gender, we will work out alternative arrangements for verification. All information will be kept strictly confidential and deleted at the end of the tournament.

Register an account on www.battlefy.com

Captains to go to “Profile” -> “teams” -> “+ new team” to create a new team and then invite your other team members into the team.

After creating the team you can register by clicking this link ->

Rules :

Team Size: 5
Mode: Captain’s Mode
Map: Tournament Version

Server Location: Europe / US East

Time : 11AM Pacific Time for North America and 11AM GMT for Europe

Match-Ups: Best of 1

Steps to join your match

  1. Make sure your Steam account is linked when you first register for the tournament
  2. When your tournament starts, wait for the bracket to be seeded by the admin
  3. Once the bracket has been seeded, your team captain should then click on your team’s matchup in the bracket page
  4. She will be presented with a “Start Match” button, click on that to generate your matchup’s lobby
  5. Go into your Dota 2 game and there should be an invite to a lobby from “battlebot”
  6. Accept this invite to join the lobby. If the invite does not show up, go back to your matchup page and “resend” the invite. If that fails, you will find the server lobby and password for you to manually enter into the game.
  7. Use the Flip Coin feature on the Battlefy Match Page to determine which team will pick side for Game 1. The team that did not pick will pick the side for Game 2.
  8. Once both sides are ready (please verify with the other team by asking “Ready?”), then one player from either team can type “!start” to lock in the tournament and begin the countdown
  9. Good luck and have fun!

Important Note

  1. Teams have a maximum of 10 minutes to join the lobby once it has been created. If your team does not join within 10 minutes, you will be given a game loss.
  2. If you have been banned by Valve for competitive play, you may not participate in this event.

General Rules

  • All tournament support will be conducted in English
  • Your team may have up to 7 players (5 main roster, 2 subs) but only 5 players will receive prizes if the team wins
  • No stand-ins will be allowed. All players must be on your registered roster of up to 7 players
  • You may only play on one team in the tournament
  • Teams may request a pause via chat. The opposing Team has the right to deny a pause or not respond. If a Player pauses the Game without receiving approval, their Team will forfeit the Game.
  • If a team is found cheating, the tournament admin may force a forfeit, disqualify the team from the tournament, and notify Battlefy and Valve of the cheating
  • If a player quits or disconnects from a match, they will be allowed to rejoin. If an entire team quits or disconnects, they will automatically forfeit the game
  • If there are major issues with your matchup, contact the tournament admin immediately through Discord: https://discord.gg/zs9wk2c
  • If there is disagreement on the outcome of a match, please provide screenshots and contact the tournament admin immediately. The tournament admin will have the final say. In addition, if you dispute a match with no grounds for disputing, you may be disqualified from the tournament.
  • If any serious bugs occur, the game has to be paused immediately and the administration decides how to continue. Abusing a bug is forbidden
  • The admin has the final say on any conflicts

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